“So, do you think we could start our own consignment store? How hard could it be?”

- Famous last words of Brian to Charlene, and last documented instance of sanity prior to entrepreneurship…

Ethan “Energizer Bunny” and Dakota “Gaming Machine” Meny

Ethan “Energizer Bunny” and Dakota “Gaming Machine” Meny

If only Life was as easy as a simple question ;-) Little Lords and Ladies (LLaL) was literally born at a dinner conversation in 2006, and opened its doors in May of 2007. People often ask us for advice on how to start a business, but truthfully we can best teach how NOT to open a business with many hard lessons along the journey!

We are truly a “Ma and Pa” small business looking to impact our community (and let’s be honest: try to make some profit while we help local moms bring in some bling :-) Our services help both shoppers and consignors, providing a unique service in this busy Northern VA lifestyle.

Brian Meny is the owner, President, and “Da Big Boss” - but mostly in title only ;-) Everyone knows the real brains of the operations is his wife Charlene Meny. As soon as the toilet clogs from someone trying to flush a diaper, the biz mysteriously becomes his again! Magic… Brian works full time as an Engineering Manager building satellites (yep, those things floating around the Earth!). He is a not-so-closet geek graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also owns Brixalot Inc, a LEGO(R) rental service for birthday parties and group events, as well as serving as Assistant Scout Master for Troop 158, Assistant Cubmaster for Pack 160, and Assistant Roundtable Commissioner for Scouting BSA Powhatan district. In his spare time he likes to sleep, eat, and play games ;-)

Charlene Meny is the owner, CEO, and “Da Real Boss” running day-to-day operations. Beauty to his Beast, Brains to his Brawn, Loving to his Fun-ing ;-) Graduating from SUNY Fredonia, with a degree in Business Administration and minor in Human Resources, she is really in charge. Mothers of PreSchoolers (MOPS) mentor at the nZone, Committee Member for Troop 158, and mom to two growing-up-too-fast boys.

In December 2018, LLaL was recognized as Business of the Year supporting Special Needs Students in Fairfax County (for over 5 years :-). We’ve sponsored Little League and Robotics teams, and we’ve been voted the best store in various customer polls almost every year since we’ve been in business! Although we have not yet won for Best Looking, Smartest, Hardest Working, and Most Humble Owners for some reason… Go figure ;-)

We definitely don’t have all the answers and often make mistakes, but contact us and we’ll do our best to fix the issue! Don’t be bashful; we’re just normal people like y’all trying to figure out Work-Life balances, raise two young men of character, and keep sane. Some would argue that Charlene is really raising three boys if you include Brian ;-)

Come say hi to Fran (mother-in-law), Susan, Sue, Traci, or any of our local moms working here!