Maximize Your $$$

Becoming a consignor is like any other business venture: you get out of it what you invest in. Want gobs of dough with no effort? Go buy a lottery ticket. Want to compete with another 2999 NoVA moms who also consign with us and are trying to earn a little extra, save a little more? Read on, study, and learn to partner with us…

Oh, but *I* have the best stuff. It will definitely sell...
— NoVA Mom, along with 3000 of her best NoVA mom "friends" ;-)



It’s simple: no shoppers = no sales = no $$$ for you. The absolute BEST thing you can do is be your own Marketing Department for your wares. Besides, your helping your friends SAVE as well! The store isn’t perfect, we make mistakes (and try to fix ‘em), but it’s YOUR stuff you want to sell. Think of LLaL as a premier, on-going, neighborhood sale that YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAFF, pay rent, pay utilities, or even handle transactions. Go be with your family instead. We do this all for you.


Invest in a Royal Club Membership…

We reward loyal members. Shop our store and save. Consign with us and earn. Shop AND Consign and increase your return percentages through our awesome membership privileges. Other Big Box “shopper clubs” just get you entrance; our membership literally increases both earning and savings potentials. Avoid the waiting list: Did we mention our calendar books uber fast??


Seriously, Inspect and Fold Your Wares

Customers in this area are exceptionally savvy and observant. They will pass by even the smallest imperfections. We process thousands of items a week for local moms so we don’t have time to iron; if you bring in all wrinkled that’s how they will appear on the hangers. Other tips:

  • Fold matching sets together or in half (e.g. top and bottom pajama set)

  • Use your brightest lights to inspect. Daylight is best. We use 8,000,000 watt bulbs to inspect during dropoffs ;-)

  • Missing buttons? Broken zippers? Un-springy waist bands? Pilling beads? Fading? Not worth your effort.

  • Don’t come at 3:59pm. It takes time to process wares so we stop dropoffs an hour before closing.

  • Remove all hangers. We have plenty ;-)

  • NO safety pins they make holes that customers have spotted

Articles to check out on How to Prepare your items, don’t just take our word:

How to Make Money Selling on Consigment

Prepare Resale


Bring in the BEST Stuff

The less common the brand or unique the design, the higher the demand. Everyone can shop at Big Box stores with Crazy Cash or Kooky Koupons. Many common brands will not be accepted as EVERYONE has them. Click on a lightbulb for a complete list.