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Top 5 Reasons to Love LLaL !!!

  1. Your purchases go DIRECTLY to other NoVA moms as $$$. Help Local Moms!!! Not some big corporation in EastNoWhere, Wisconsin…

  2. Tens of Thousands of best quality, brand named, gently pre-loved clothes, shoes, and books from Infants to Tweens

  3. Prices REDUCE every 30 days: 25% OFF, then 50% OFF, then donated to local charities

  4. Large, indoor play gym while you shop nearby!

  5. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! (and save some ka-ching along the way ;-)

  6. Did we mention you Help LOCAL Moms ?!? :-)


Every Item Clearly Marked

Our prices typically start ~60% of market “new” items, and each item’s tag is CLEARLY marked with the starting price, the 30 day 25% OFF reduction price, and the 60 day 50% OFF lowest price.