Consigning is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Tip: Start a Royal Club membership to guarantee a calendar spot with added income bonuses!
— Brian "Pa" Meny, Crazy Owner

1 - Make an Appointment (click here)

Our calendar fills up crazy fast because we are so popular. Get on our mailing list to find out when our 2 seasons start and when the calendars open up. We open up calendars and bonus weeks first for Royal Club members, then email and Facebook fans, then the general public (which usually has a waiting list ;-) Plan accordingly! And check out our Maximizing Income section for advanced tips on consigning.

*If you drop off more than 1 drop off and are not a Royal Club Member and/or on the day of your drop off you have more than 60 items we will charge you for a Gold Membership.

**For the Fall/Winter season we are accepting a maximum of 60 Junior pieces per drop off.

Spring/Summer accepted Jan-Apr; calendar opens on December 1st
Fall/Winter accepted Jun-Oct; calendar opens on May 1st

Unlike Thrift stores, LLaL accepts no stains, rips, or defects. The Best sells the best and maximizes income potential.
— Charlene Meny, Owner

2 - Gather Your Stuff

Very Important: in good lighting, inspect all your clothes/shoes and remove worn, ripped, old, out-dated, or stained items. Please bring your items freshly laundered, folding sets together and in a box or bin (stay away from bags).Feel free to donate this to a Thrift store or Goodwill. Shoppers love our value and quality; so should you to make the most possible. You can’t fund college or pay for a Tahiti trip, but you CAN get some return on your clothing moola investment on stuff kids grow out of soooo fast… Come in on your assigned day ANY TIME between 10am and 4pm M-F or 10am - 2pm on Sat, that’s convenient for you :-) You will be emailed a complete list of items we accepted, their unique tag ID, and their “expiration date.”

We are currently not taking:

  • large items

  • books

  • belts

  • purses

  • shin guards

  • equipment,

  • etc.

    Just clothes/shoes please.

Expect 10-30mins while we perform quality checks and return “No Thank You’s”. Your items are bin’d, labelled, and placed in queue for later pricing/hanging in the order they were received. You will receive an email when we process your bin(s) with starting prices and expiration dates. You receive 30-50% (see Membership benefits) of the sold price based on proprietary pricing system on brand, quality, demand, etc. We will auto-reduce prices (-25%, -50%) monthly and have sales periodically to try and sell your wares.

3 - Collect/Donate Your Stuff and Get Paid

Items that don’t sell will be donated to local charities, churches, and local women’s programs.

You have a 60 day contract with LLaL. You can gather your items at ANY time within the first 60 days, after that your unsold inventory becomes LLaL property until they are donated. Yes, like any retail store we have occasional theft and no, we will not reimburse for lost or stolen items. We are not a huge, conglomerate, Big Box store - just a local “Ma and Pa” store trying to Help Local Moms ;-)

Getting paid is easy; we track all sales in our system which can be immediately used as “store credit” if you need to shop.

To receive a check:

  • Checks are issued after the 8th of every month (we have a 7 day return policy :-) and include sales up to the end of the prior month.

  • You must call 24hrs in advance to give managers time to prepare/sign your check.

  • We have a payable limit of up to $200 check each month. $10 fee for reissued or lost check requests.

  • You can call to have your check mailed in our queue (we spread check mailings over the month).